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Sentís G, Gendra B, Bartlett SD, Doherty AC.  2013.  Decomposition of any quantum measurement into extremals. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 46(37):375302.
Colless JI, Mahoney AC, Hornibrook J.M, Doherty AC, Lu H., Gossard A.C, Reilly DJ.  2013.  Dispersive Readout of a Few-Electron Double Quantum Dot with Fast rf Gate Sensors . Physical Review Letters. 110(4)
Stace TM, Doherty AC, Reilly DJ.  2013.  Dynamical Steady-States in Driven Quantum Systems. Physical Review Letters. 111(18)
Else DV, Bartlett SD, Doherty AC.  2013.  Hidden symmetry-breaking picture of symmetry-protected topological order. Physical Review B. 88(8)
Cano J, Doherty AC, Nayak C, Reilly DJ.  2013.  Microwave Absorption by a Mesoscopic Quantum Hall Droplet. Physical Review B. 88(16)
Harris G, McAuslan DL, Stace TM, Doherty AC, Bowen WP.  2013.  Minimum Requirements for Feedback Enhanced Force Sensing. Physical Review Letters. 111(10)
Ong F., Boissonneault M., Mallet F., Doherty AC, Blais A., Vion D., Esteve D., Bertet P..  2013.  Quantum Heating of a Nonlinear Resonator Probed by a Superconducting Qubit . Physical Review Letters. 110(4)
Medford J., Beil J., Taylor J.M, Bartlett SD, Doherty AC, Rashba E.I, DiVincenzo D.P, Lu H., Gossard A.C, Marcus C.M.  2013.  Self-consistent measurement and state tomography of an exchange-only spin qubit. Nature Nanotechnology. 8(9):654-659.
Szorkovszky A, Brawley G.A, Doherty AC, Bowen WP.  2013.  Strong Thermomechanical Squeezing via Weak Measurement . Physical Review Letters. 110(18)


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