Designer quantum materials

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Material building blocks of quantum machines 

Quantum mechanics permits far more exotic states of matter than the gases, liquids, solids, and plasmas used in current technology. 

This program aim to realise new phases of quantum matter by scaling-up today’s isolated quantum components and engineering highly-entangled, strongly-interacting quantum systems with individual control and measurement of each component.

Our researchers will build large-scale arrays of trapped ions, electrons in semiconductor devices, Josephson junctions in superconducting circuits, and photons produced by quantum dots and photonic bandgap cavities. Such quantum arrays with tens or hundreds of individual components can be configured to create complex quantum materials never realised in nature.

These materials will have many applications, notably performing analog simulations to solve hard problems in physics and chemistry: technically, solving strong-correlation problems to model exotic materials like superconductors, and understand transition-metacompounds, bond-breaking and single-molecule magnets.

Within the designer quantum materials program, our research projects include:

  • Realisation of topologically ordered state using a two-dimensional array of coupled semiconductor quantum dots
  • Analog quantum simulation using open loop quantum control of trapped ions
  • Artificial field theories using fluxonium lattices
  • Large scale entanglement quantum photonics

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