Quantum-enabled diagnostics and imaging

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Quantum diagnostic and imaging systems

Sensors are ubiquitous in modern technology; they are used to examine our bodies, our local environments, the galaxy, and beyond. This program will build sensors that will allow quantum machines to interact with their environment.

Quantum mechanics offers the means to improve sensors by enhancing sensitivity to light, magnetic and electric fields, and even gravity. The centre will exploit quantum mechanics to engineer new probes, sensors, and techniques to enhance capabilities for a range of applications, ranging from diagnosis and detection in medical imaging to accuracy in navigation. 

This program will deliver deployable prototypes of quantum-enabled sensing and imaging technologies, for example gyroscopes built from superfluid circuits or hyper-polarised MRI for the early detection of diseased tissue states. 

Within the quantum-enabled diagnostics and imaging program, our research projects include: 

  • Superfluid quantum circuitry
  • Precision clocks and oscillators
  • Quantum optomechanics
  • Hyperpolarised MRI for enhanced bio-imaging
  • Nanodiamond sensors with large-scale entanglement

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