Australia's national centre for engineering quantum systems

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems will build sophisticated quantum machines to harness the quantum world for practical applications. Our Centre will pioneer the designer quantum materials, quantum engines, and quantum imaging systems at the heart of these machines. We will solve the most challenging research problems at the interface of basic quantum physics and engineering, and work with partners in industry to translate these research discoveries into practical applications and devices. Our capacity building programs will train a new generation of scientists in cutting-edge fundamental research, innovation, and entrepreneurialism, and ultimately have a major impact on Australia’s high-tech economy. 

In developing quantum technologies for the future health, economy, environment and security of Australian society, we will move beyond the lab towards practical prototypes and commercial applications, including material simulators, diagnostic technologies and geosurvey tools. We will collaborate with Australian SMEs and leading tech companies, and train a new generation of STEM researchers with a culture of innovation and translation. 

Our centre builds on seven years of previous funding through the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence scheme. From 2011-2017, our first centre carved out a niche among the world's top players. That position will allow us to compete in the next phase of research and technological transformation as quantum machines and systems begin to emerge. 

Find out about our centre executive team and advisory committees here as well as our chief investigators, researchers, students, professional staff, and collaborators.

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