Quantum engines and instruments

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Integrating the components of a quantum machine into functioning devices

To manipulate the quantum world, we must first understand the fundamental principles of complex multicomponent quantum devices and the instrumentation that measures and governs their operation. 

The centre will develop the science of quantum thermodynamics - the fundamental rules that determine the functioning of quantum engines. Our researchers will pioneer a new generation of instruments tailored to the demanding requirements of quantum sciences, from precision clocks, oscillators, and time-bases, to high-speed cryogenic electronics. They will also apply the world-class advances, made through the first iteration of the centre (2011-2017), to a regime of large-scale quantum machines. 

Within the quantum engines and instruments program, our research projects include:

  • Demonstrating the limits of quantum thermodynamics and quantum engines using cold atoms with highly configurable potentials
  • Quantum instruments
  • Efficient event-ready entanglement

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