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Australia's quantum future

Quantum technologies use the properties of quantum mechanics for practical applications. Quantum technologies can be found in our everyday lives, from smart phones and cars to industrial applications in manufacturing, engineering and imaging.

Today’s technology only captures a small fraction of the potential of quantum physics. New developments in research and engineering mean a new generation of technologies are being created. These technologies have potential uses in a range of fields - including health, telecommunications, and finance - and will impact across business and society as a whole.

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS) is a seven-year investment of over $40 million by the Australian government in quantum technologies. EQUS researchers are conducting world-leading research into building quantum machines, with programs to develop the Designer Quantum Materials, Quantum-enabled Diagnostics & Imaging, and Quantum Engines & Instruments at the heart of these machines.

We will achieve this through discovery and education

  • Discovery: Foster leading-edge research and engineering of quantum physics and quantum machines for the social and economic benefit of our community
  • Education: Create a quantum-literature ecosystem by training a generation of quantum engineers and scientists within a program of focussed research, as well as engagement with community

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Last updated 19 March 2019
Last reviewed 12 March 2019

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