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Cesare C, Landahl AJ, Bacon D, Flammia ST, Neels A.  2015.  Adiabatic topological quantum computing. Physical Review A. 92(1)
Wallman J, Granade C, Harper R., Flammia ST.  2015.  Estimating the coherence of noise. New Journal of Physics. 17(11):113020.
Fogarty M.A, Veldhorst M., Harper R., Yang C.H, Bartlett SD, Flammia ST, Dzurak A.S.  2015.  Nonexponential fidelity decay in randomized benchmarking with low-frequency noise. Physical Review A. 92(2)
Bacon D, Flammia ST, Harrow AW, Shi J.  2015.  Sparse Quantum Codes from Quantum Circuits. the Forty-Seventh Annual ACMProceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual ACM on Symposium on Theory of Computing - STOC '15. :327-334.
O'Brien A, Bartlett SD, Doherty AC, Flammia ST.  2015.  Symmetry-respecting real-space renormalization for the quantum Ashkin-Teller model. Physical Review E. 92(4)
Lee Y-C, Hsieh M-H, Flammia ST, Lee R-K.  2014.  Local PT Symmetry Violates the No-Signaling Principle. Physical Review Letters. 112(13)
Hayes D, Flammia ST, Biercuk MJ.  2014.  Programmable quantum simulation by dynamic Hamiltonian engineering . New Journal of Physics. 16(8)
Wallman J, Flammia ST.  2014.  Randomized benchmarking with confidence. New Journal of Physics. 16(10):103032.


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