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Kermany AR, Bennett JS, Brawley GA, Bowen WP, Iacopi F.  2016.  Factors affecting the f × Q product of 3C-SiC microstrings: What is the upper limit for sensitivity? Journal of Applied Physics. 119(5):055304.
Harris G.I, McAuslan DL, Sheridan E., Sachkou Y., Baker C., Bowen WP.  2016.  Laser cooling and control of excitations in superfluid helium. Nature Physics.
McAuslan DL, Harris G. I., Baker C., Sachkou Y., He X., Sheridan E., Bowen WP.  2016.  Microphotonic Forces from Superfluid Flow. Physical Review X. 6(2)
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Yu C, Janousek J, Sheridan E, McAuslan DL, Rubinsztein-Dunlop H, Lam PK, Zhang Y, Bowen WP.  2016.  Optomechanical Magnetometry with a Macroscopic Resonator. Physical Review Applied. 5(4)
Schäfermeier C, Kerdoncuff H, Hoff UB, Fu H, Huck A, Bilek J, Harris G, Bowen WP, Gehring T, Andersen U.  2016.  Quantum enhanced feedback cooling of a mechanical oscillator using nonclassical light. Nature Communications. 7:13628.
Taylor J.M, Bowen WP.  2016.  Quantum metrology and its application in biology. Physics Reports. 615:1-59.
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Baker CG, Harris GI, McAuslan DL, Sachkou Y, He X, Bowen WP.  2016.  Theoretical framework for thin film superfluid optomechanics: towards the quantum regime. New Journal of Physics. 18(12):123025.


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