Prof. Jingbo Wang

Professor Jingbo Wang received her PhD from the Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics in Adelaide University. She established and currently leads an active research group at The University of Western Australia, working in the general area of quantum information and computation, in particular quantum walks, quantum simulation, and quantum algorithm development.  Professor Wang is also chairing a newly formed cross-disciplinary research group on “Quantum information, simulation and algorithms” at UWA. 

Professor Wang pioneered cutting edge research involving, in particular, single and multiple particle quantum walks. Her research team was the first to show the power of quantum walks in extracting local and global structural information of complex networks and in distinguishing a wide range of non-isomorphic graph classes. Her recent work includes quantum simulation of designer functional molecules and materials, exploring fundamental structures and symmetries in nature such as PT symmetry in quantum walks and quantum field theory on regular and irregular lattices in curved space-time, understanding chemical and biological kinetics and dynamics via quantum computation, as well as studying the implications of quantum stochastic and decoherence processes

Professor Wang’s research team also developed a general quantum compiler with an optimiser, which maps a given quantum algorithm to a quantum circuit consisting a sequential set of elementary quantum logic gates. It provides a powerful tool to assist the design of actual physical implementation of quantum algorithms in laboratories. Professor Wang and her team have recently obtained some of the most efficient quantum circuits to implement a wide variety of quantum operators, which could underpin the utmost quantum supremacy.

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