Dr. Nathan Langford

After completing his PhD in experimental photonic quantum information with Prof Andrew White at the University of Queensland, AI Langford was a postdoc in leading European research groups, including those of Prof Anton Zeilinger (University of Vienna), Prof Ian Walmsley (Oxford University) and Assoc. Prof Leo DiCarlo (QuTech, Delft University of Technology). He is now Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at UTS where he leads a research group in experimental Circuit QED.  His research experience spans multiple fields, including photonic and microwave quantum information processing, nonlinear optical quantum computing, fundamental tests of quantum physics, tomographic characterisation of quantum systems, integrated photonics, quantum memories, quantum simulations and superconducting quantum circuits.

AI Langford’s current research is in the area of circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED), focussing on small-scale experimental quantum simulators. He is particularly interested in novel circuit QED simulators that achieve complexity at small scales, which could help us learn how to address challenges that will face more general quantum simulation and computing platforms as they scale up in size and complexity.

PhD (Dean’s Commendation, Runner-up AIP Bragg Gold Medal), University of Queensland, Australia (2007)
BSc Honours (University Medal), University of Queensland, Australia (2001)
BSc, University of Queensland, Australia (1999)
BA, University of Queensland, Australia (1999)

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Major funding support

Australian Research Council