Dr. Arne Grimsmo

Arne is a Lecturer and ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) Fellow at The University of Sydney, and an EQUS Associate Investigator. He is pursuing applied and fundamental research in quantum mechanics and its applications to technology. His main focus is on the theory of solid state quantum devices.

He is particularly interested in designing engineered quantum systems that are robust to noise, using a mix of ideas from quantum engineering, quantum error correction and topological properties in quantum systesm. Another branch of his research is about quantum metamaterials built in a bottom-up approach using superconducting quantum circuits. Such designer quantum metamaterials can have very desirable properties when it comes to both scientific and technologial applications. For example, they can be used to realize ultrasensitive amplifiers, detectors and sensors beating the performance of any analogous classical device. As a theorist, Arne collaborates with several experimental groups to develop new quantum devices pushing the boundaries on what can be observed in the lab.

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