The quantum series, part 1: demystifying quantum technology

Quantum technologies are based on phenomena that can seem more like magic than science — spooky action at a distance, teleportation, cats that are dead and alive, objects are particles and waves, collapsing wavefunctions and results that change when you look at them.  So, it may come as a surprise to know that quantum technology is here today, and those futuristic quantum devices are not so very far away.

EQUS has partnered with Cicada Innovations on a series of talks to demystify quantum technology, explore its applications in the real world and highlight the role Australia’s quantum technology sector has in the global quantum opportunity.  The series will run over the next 12 months, bringing together researchers, businesses, experts and investors to explore the forefront of quantum technology in Australia.  We will unpack what this technology is, what it can do and when it will be here, and bring it into mainstream conversation.

This first talk promises to help you figure out what quantum is and why you should be excited about it!


  • Jacqui Romero: Chief Investigator, EQUS Senior Lecturer of Quantum Physics, University of Queensland
  • Andre Luiten: Director, Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing; Chair of Experimental Physics, University of Adelaide
  • Andrew White: Director, EQUS
  • Shaun Wilson: Founder, Shoal Group


  • Sally-Ann Williams: CEO, Cicada Innovations

Major funding support

Australian Research Council

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