EQuS UQ Q&A 2017

The EQuS Q&A series at the University of Queensland showcases current research in quantum physics taking place in our Centre. 

The sessions are held on Monday lunchtime. Each month will be organised by a different research group.

Seminars will start at 12.00pm and run to 1.30pm. 

Food will be provided. 

2017 sessions:

  • Monday, February 20 - EQuS Meeting Room (R312), Parnell (Building 7) - Prof Dominic O'Brien 
  • Monday, May 22 - EQuS Meeting Room (R312), Parnell (Building 7) - Dr. Daniel Szombati 
  • Monday, July 3 - EQuS Meeting Room (R312), Parnell (Building 7) - Prof. Tobias Osborne 
  • Wednesday, July 19 - EQuS Meeting Room (R312), Parnel (Building 7) - Dr. Dylan Saunders 
  • Monday, July 31 - EQuS Meeting Room (R312), Parnell (Building 7) - Markus Rambach 
  • Monday, October 9 - EQuS Meeting Room (R312), Parnell (Building 7) - Professor Radim Filip 

An overview of our 2016 Q&A sessions is available here

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