EQUS Seminar Series: Simon Storz

EQUS Seminar Series

Speaker: Simon Storz, Wallraff Group, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Title: Loophole-Free Bell Tests in superconducting qubits separated by tens of metres

Date: Tuesday 4th June 2024

Time: 1pm - 2pm

Title: "A loophole-free Bell Test with Superconducting Circuits"

Abstract: One of the astounding features of quantum physics is that it contradicts our intuitive understanding of local causality, the principle asserting that an event at one location cannot instantaneously influence an event at a distant location without some intermediary force or particle. Quantum physics does not follow this principle, as shown by empirical evidence from Bell test experiments. Here, we present a loophole-free Bell test with superconducting circuits, the first such experiment on a platform that is considered a prime contender for building scalable quantum computing systems. Enabled by a unique setup, we successfully entangled two superconducting circuit devices positioned 30 meters apart using a cryogenically cooled quantum link, allowing us to violate Bell's inequality with an exceptionally high statistical significance. Our work enables the use of non-locality as a resource for quantum communication and distributed quantum computing with superconducting circuits, for instance for self-testing a quantum system or for generating private and highly random numbers.

Bio: In his PhD in the Quantum Device Lab at ETH Zurich with Prof. Andreas Wallraff, Simon Storz focused on storing and manipulating quantum information using superconducting circuits. In particular, Simon and the team successfully interconnected remote quantum circuits over distances up to 30 meters through a cryogenic microwave link and demonstrated a loophole-free Bell test with superconducting qubits.

The compelling prospects of coupling superconducting circuits with phonons—both for fundamental physics and quantum information processing—motivated Simon to start a postdoctoral position in the Hybrid Quantum Systems Group at ETH Zurich with Prof. Yiwen Chu in April 2024.

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