EQUS Quantum Art Competition 2023–24

Quantum art is back for another year, this time on the theme of duality.

At the very heart of quantum mechanics lies a profound and mysterious principle, one that challenges the boundaries of our perception.  It’s the idea that every entity, no matter how large or small, has a dual nature—existing simultaneously as both a particle and a wave.

Although it may seem to be a contradiction, it is verifiably true in experiments.  It’s a paradox that forms the bedrock of the inner workings of our Universe.  And this wave–particle duality is just the tip of the quantum iceberg. 

Within the quantum realm, countless other instances of simultaneous existence occur.  Quantum entities, from tiny electrons to more complex systems, somehow exist dually in multiple states at the same time, creating a tapestry of possibilities that seem to defy classical logic.

We invite you to delve into the essence of duality through your artistic medium of choice, and submit your art to the EQUS Quantum Art Competition.  We encourage you to explore the concept of duality in whatever context stirs your creative imagination.  Let your artistic expression illuminate the mysteries that quantum mechanics unveils.

We’ll be awarding three main prizes:

  • $8,000 for first prize
  • $4,000 for second prize
  • $500 for the people’s choice award

and three prizes for entrants under the age of 18 (at the time of entry):

  • $1,000 for first prize
  • $500 for second prize
  • $100 for the people’s choice award

After the competition concludes, we will hold an exhibition in Sydney (date and venue TBD).  Further information about this exhibition will be communicated to entrants after the competition concludes (see also the T&Cs below).

Entrants must be Australian residents, and entries must have been created specifically for the 2023 EQUS Quantum Art Competition.  First- and second-main-prize-winning artworks (only) become the property of the Centre (see the T&Cs below for details).  The deadline for submission is 12 pm AEST Thursday 29 February 2024.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions before entering.

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Major funding support

Australian Research Council

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