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Mrad M., Bourgeois P.Y., Tobar M.E., Kersalé Y., Giordano V..  2012.  Analysis of the whispering gallery mode sapphire Fe 3+ maser under magnetic field. The European Physical Journal Applied Physics. 57(2):21005.
Benmessai K, Creedon DL, Le Floch J-M, Tobar M.E., Mrad M., Bourgeois P.Y., Kersalé Y., Giordano V..  2012.  Controlling the frequency-temperature sensitivity of a cryogenic sapphire maser frequency standard by manipulating Fe^{3+} spins in the sapphire lattice. Physical Review B. 85(7)
Goryachev M, Creedon DL, Ivanov EN, Galliou S, Bourquin R, Tobar M.E..  2012.  Extremely low-loss acoustic phonons in a quartz bulk acoustic wave resonator at millikelvin temperature. Applied Physics Letters. 100(24):243504.
Ivanov EN, Bourhill J, Creedon DL, Hartnett JG, Tobar M.E..  2012.  ‘Fast light’ effect in experiments with cryogenic resonators. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. 45(22):221001.
Creedon DL, Benmessai K, Bowen WP, Tobar M.E..  2012.  Four-Wave Mixing from Fe^{3+} Spins in Sapphire. Physical Review Letters. 108(9)
Creedon DL, Benmessai K, Tobar M.E..  2012.  Frequency Conversion in a High Q-Factor Sapphire Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator due to Paramagnetic Nonlinearity. Physical Review Letters. 109(14)
Creedon DL, Benmessai K, Bowen WP, Tobar M.E..  2012.  Linear and nonlinear effects of electron paramagnetic resonance in high-Q cryogenic sapphire microwave resonators. SPIE LASEFrontiers in Ultrafast Optics: Biomedical, Scientific, and Industrial Applications XII. 8247:82361R-82361R-10.


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