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Lo A, Haslinger P, Mizrachi E, Anderegg L, Müller H, Hohensee M, Goryachev M, Tobar M.E..  2016.  Acoustic Tests of Lorentz Symmetry Using Quartz Oscillators. Physical Review X. 6(1)
McAllister BT, Parker SR, Tobar M.E..  2016.  Axion Dark Matter Coupling to Resonant Photons via Magnetic Field. Physical Review Letters. 116(16)
McAllister BT, Parker SR, Tobar M.E..  2016.  Erratum: Axion Dark Matter Coupling to Resonant Photons via Magnetic Field [Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 , 161804 (2016)]. Physical Review Letters. 117(15)
Galliou S, Deléglise S, Goryachev M, Neuhaus L, Cagnoli G, Zerkani S, Dolique V, Bon J, Vacheret X, Abbe P et al..  2016.  A new method of probing mechanical losses of coatings at cryogenic temperatures. Review of Scientific Instruments. 87(12):123906.
Carvalho N., Fan B, Tobar M.E..  2016.  Piezoelectric tunable microwave superconducting cavity. Review of Scientific Instruments. 87(9):094702.
Galliou S, Goryachev M, Abbe P, Vacheret X, Tobar M.E., Bourquin R.  2016.  Quality Factor Measurements of Various Types of Quartz Crystal Resonators Operating Near 4 K. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control. 63(7):975-980.
Woolley M.J, Emzir M.F, Milburn G, Jerger M., Goryachev M, Tobar M.E., Fedorov A..  2016.  Quartz-superconductor quantum electromechanical system. Physical Review B. 93(22)
Goryachev M, Tobar M.E..  2016.  Reconfigurable Microwave Photonic Topological Insulator. Physical Review Applied. 6(6)
Kostylev N, Goryachev M, Tobar M.E..  2016.  Superstrong coupling of a microwave cavity to yttrium iron garnet magnons. Applied Physics Letters. 108(6):062402.
Le Floch J-M, Delhote N., Aubourg M., Madrangeas V., Cros D., Castelletto S., Tobar M.E..  2016.  Towards achieving strong coupling in three-dimensional-cavity with solid state spin resonance. Journal of Applied Physics. 119(15):153901.
Bourhill J, Kostylev N., Goryachev M, Creedon D.L, Tobar M.E..  2016.  Ultrahigh cooperativity interactions between magnons and resonant photons in a YIG sphere. Physical Review B. 93(14)
Goryachev M, Tobar M.E..  2015.  The 3D split-ring cavity lattice: a new metastructure for engineering arrays of coupled microwave harmonic oscillators. New Journal of Physics. 17(2):023003.
Bourhill J, Goryachev M, Farr W, Tobar M.E..  2015.  Collective behavior of . Physical Review A. 92(2)
Goryachev M, Tobar M.E..  2015.  Creating tuneable microwave media from a two-dimensional lattice of re-entrant posts. Journal of Applied Physics. 118(20):204504.
Goryachev M, Farr W, Carvalho N., Creedon DL, Le Floch J-M, Probst S, Bushev P, Tobar M.E..  2015.  Discovery of iron group impurity ion spin states in single crystal Y2SiO5 with strong coupling to whispering gallery photons. Applied Physics Letters. 106(23):232401.
Farr W, Goryachev M, Le Floch J-M, Bushev P, Tobar M.E..  2015.  Evidence of dilute ferromagnetism in rare-earth doped yttrium aluminium garnet. Applied Physics Letters. 107(12):122401.
Creedon D.L., Le Floch J-M, Bara-Maillet R., Parker S.R., Tobar M.E..  2015.  Frequency stability and phase noise performance of X-band to Ka-band active multiplier. Electronics Letters. 51(24):2015-2017.
Bara-Maillet R, Parker SR, Nand NR, Le Floch J-M, Tobar M.E..  2015.  Microwave–to–millimeter-wave synthesis chain phase noise performance. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control. 62(10):1895-1900.
Carvalho N., Le Floch J-M, Krupka J., Tobar M.E..  2015.  Multi-mode technique for the determination of the biaxial Y2SiO5 permittivity tensor from 300 to 6 K. Applied Physics Letters. 106(19):192904.
Bourhill J, Ivanov EN, Tobar M.E..  2015.  Precision measurement of a low-loss cylindrical dumbbell-shaped sapphire mechanical oscillator using radiation pressure. Physical Review A. 92(2)
Goryachev M, Kostylev N, Tobar M.E..  2015.  Single-photon level study of microwave properties of lithium niobate at millikelvin temperatures. Physical Review B. 92(6)
Creedon DL, Le Floch J-M, Goryachev M, Farr W, Castelletto S, Tobar M.E..  2015.  Strong coupling between P1 diamond impurity centers and a three-dimensional lumped photonic microwave cavity. Physical Review B. 91(14)


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