Dr. Tyler W Neely

Dr. Tyler Neely is a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. His career has spanned three institutions, first the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, where he received his PhD working with Bose- Einstein condensates (BECs) and quantum turbulence. Subsequently, he had a postdoctoral position at NIST, where he developed and advanced new techniques for midinfrared spectroscopy with pulsed lasers.

At the University of Queensland, he has been building up a new experiment and experimental BEC group under Prof Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop’s leadership. The EQuS experiment has now demonstrated world-class high-resolution optical trapping techniques for BECs, resulting in near arbitrary control over the trap configuration. Current areas of research include studies of superfluid transport, and two-dimensional turbulence, and configured BECs at finite (non-zero) temperatures.

PhD, University of Arizona
MSc, University of Arizona
BSc (Hons), University of Oregon
Current Supervision

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

Other advisors:

Doctor Philosophy - Associate Advisor

Other advisors: (principal), ,

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