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Python programming for quantum scientists


In three phases of the workshop, we will:

  • Introduce you to Python and to programming in general. More experienced attendees can skip earlier sessions and join us when we get to new material for you.
  • Teach you how to develop readable and usable software packages collaboratively on GitHub. Newbies to programming need not fear! You will be well-prepared by the end of Part 1.
  • Showcase existing community projects of research-grade software being developed in Python. We hope their efforts will inspire you to start your own project that you can share with the world!

Download the event flyer here

Part 1: The Python language

  • Basic usage
  • Programming paradigms
  • Numerical computing

Part 2: Building packages

  • Unit testing
  • Version control
  • Publishing code

Part 3: Community projects


  • OpenFermion
  • Qiskit
  • pyQuil
  • pyGSTi
  • QInfer
  • Qudi
Essential information: 

Registration cost

This workshop is open to everyone. Attendance is free for EQUS members and costs $100 for everyone else. If you are not a member of EQUS, the organisers will contact you to arrange for your payment and confirm your registration.

Please note: There is a cancellation fee of $100 for all registrations (EQUS and non-EQUS). If you need to cancel, please contact the organisers at python@equs.org to discuss.

Travel support

Limited travel support is available for students. Please get in touch via python@equs.org for more information.

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