Zachary Cristina

Zachary is a postgraduate student at the University of Sydney currently undertaking a PhD with Professor Stephen Bartlett.

The objective of his project is to characterise long-lived states of a system of qubits (i.e., spin-1/2 particles), where spin order can be stored and readily converted to bulk polarisation. Such long-lived states could be used, for example, to store bulk-polarised molecules for use in NMR and MRI imaging.

He hopes to achieve the following goals: characterise the states of a given system which are stable (or evolve coherently) under a prescribed noise model; characterise the transformations to be used to convert a long-lived quantum state into a state with bulk polarisation; and, using these long-lived states and transformations, generate bulk polarised materials (e.g. nano diamonds) in an experimental setting.

BSc (Advanced Mathematics) (Hons), University of Sydney, Australia (2014)
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Major funding support

Australian Research Council