Yauhen Sachkou

Yauhen is a postgraduate student at the University of Queensland currently undertaking a PhD with Assoc. Professor Warwick Bowen.

His research seeks to extend quantum optomechanics to superfluids-quantum fluids that exist at temperatures close to absolute zero and exhibit macroscopic quantum behaviour. The most general goal of his project is to achieve the quantum control of superfluid motion using light. Optical micro-cavities allow strong light-based control, cooling and measurement of the motion of nm-thick superfluid films.

By providing the first direct measurement of intrinsic microscopic superfluid motion, Yauhen hopes to gain further understanding of superfluid helium that remains very much incomplete at the microscopic level. 

MSc, Ghent University, Belgium (2014)
Diploma, Belarusian State University, Belarus (2012)

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