Keith Motes

Keith is a postgraduate student at Macquarie University currently undertaking a PhD with Associate Professor Alexei Gilchrist.

His aim is to develop our understanding of a quantum simulation scheme called Boson Sampling. This is a scheme that uses many of the same technologies required for universal quantum computing but is exponentially easier to implement in the lab allowing it to be realised in the near future and is thus a great stepping stone toward universal quantum computing. Furthermore, it simulates a quantum system that no classical computer on earth can simulate efficiently.

At the end of his PhD, Keith expects to have ten publications related to Boson Sampling. He has given several international talks about his research and has more to come before he graduates. Keith has collaborated with several international scientists fostering collaborations between them and EQuS. Keith has also generated and will generate more interest in people around the world to expand upon the area of Boson Sampling.

BSc, Louisiana State University, USA

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