Dr. Lute Maleki

AI Maleki’s research includes the development of atomic clocks based on ion traps and laser cooled trapped atoms; development of sensors based on atom wave interferometers; study and development of ultra-stable photonic oscillators, the opto-electronic oscillator (OEO), and photonic signal distribution systems; study and development of whispering gallery mode microresonators and their applications in quantum optics and photonic systems; and tests of fundamental physics with atomic clocks.

AI Maleki will work on the quantum-enabled diagnostics and imaging program with CI Tobar, CI McFerran, CI Bowen and CI Volz on atomic clocks, photonic oscillators, tests of fundamental physics, microresonators. Moreover, he will play an important role due to his expertise on the translation of such technology to the commercial sector. His success in building a strong start-up company, OEwaves Inc., as an entrepreneurial scientist will be an excellent role model for the Centre. In particular, he will be able to provide advice on methods of translation and how to successfully operate the Centre’s laboratory.

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