Dr. Jacqui Romero

AI Romero is an expert on high-dimensional entanglement of the spatial modes of light. Her work has enabled many interesting studies in both foundational quantum mechanics and quantum information.

AI Romero will contribute to the designer quantum materials programs. AI Romero's knowledge of high dimensional entanglement in the spatial degrees of freedom is especially relevant to quantum diagnostics and imaging, in increasing resolution, sensitivity and information capacity. She has been mentored by the head of UK's Quantum Imaging Hub and has worked closely with many of its researchers, having her as AI makes the Centre well-posed to tap into this UK hub. 

PhD Physics, University of Glasgow (2013)
MSc Physics, University of the Philippines (2007)
BSc Applied Physics, University of the Philippines (2005)
Research Facilities: 
Current Supervision

Doctor Philosophy - Associate Advisor

Other advisors: (principal)

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Major funding support

Australian Research Council