Dr. Ivan Kassal

Ivan is a Senior Lecturer and Westpac Research Fellow at the University of Sydney and an EQUS Associate Investigator. 

His research focuses on the role of quantum coherence in the performance of molecular light-harvesting assemblies, whether natural (photosynthetic complexes) or artificial (next-generation solar cells). He aims to better understand how nature solved the problem of harvesting light in a noisy, biological environment and use that knowledge to develop general principles to guide the design and improve the performance of artificial devices. 

He is also working on quantum simulation, especially applied to problems in chemistry. Simulating chemical reactions and other quantum-chemical processes is difficult on conventional computers, but easy on quantum machines. As a result, chemistry promises to be one of the first applications at which quantum simulation will exceed the capabilities of conventional computers.

PhD, Harvard University, USA (2010)
BSc, Stanford University, USA (2006)
BA, Stanford University, USA (2006)
Current Supervision

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

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Australian Research Council