A/Prof. Thomas Volz

Chief Investigator Volz has successfully worked with different quantum systems, from ultracold quantum gases to integrated quantum photonic devices to nanodiamonds. He has made major contributions to each field. His work on Feshbach resonances in rubidium 87 and the creation and study of ultracold molecules is widely recognised. In quantum photonics, CI Volz demonstrated the creation of strongly correlated photons and ultrafast single-photon switching on a semiconductor chip. CI Volz runs several labs including the Low Temperature Cavity lab at CSIRO and the Nanodiamond Science lab at Macquarie University. The main focus of both labs lies on researching and exploring new ways to fabricate/harness materials which are relevant in quantum technologies. In particular, the main directions at present are quantum sensing with nanodiamonds, nanoscale light-matter interfaces and quantum optomechanics with levitated/trapped nanodiamonds.

PhD, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany (2007)
Dip Physics Konstanz, Germany (2002)
Current Supervision

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

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