The Quantum Control Laboratory

The Quantum Control Laboratory (QCL) was formed in 2010 with the appointment of CI Biercuk to a continuing faculty position at the University of Sydney. In the short time that he has been in Australia, Associate Professor Biercuk has established a world-leading research effort on quantum control and quantum simulation with trapped ions, driving major efforts towards EQuS Grand Challenges.

The research undertaken in the QCL is focused on the development of practically useful techniques in quantum control likely to underpin the functionality of an entire generation of engineered quantum systems. Our research combines theory and experiment and leverages major international funding streams, and international collaborations facilitated via the group’s role within EQuS.

The Centre of Excellence has formed a focal point for international attention on our efforts. It has drawn high quality visiting students from the US, Germany, and China, helped support applications for international funding, and formed a basis for our international media profile. EQuS has been a major facilitator for our efforts, and much of the research below could not have been carried out without the QCL’s participation in the Centre.

Last updated 1 November 2017
Last reviewed 7 July 2015

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