Results of Quantum Games competition announced!

Congratulations to the super-powered super-positioners who submitted entries to the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Physics’ Quantum Games competition!

In the winning game, Schrodinger’s Cat Burglar, players enter a fun puzzle game that incorporates multiple ideas inspired by quantum physics.

The judges described the entry as a very smart, enjoyable game that introduces concepts of different quantum states and creatively reflects the strangeness of quantum mechanics. The winner receives $1500 for their work.

Our runner-up game Slime Cat also featured Schrodinger’s cat, which has escaped from its box and attempts to leave the quantum lab!

The game creatively adopted the features of quantum tunnelling and the Casimir effect. The runner up receives a prize of $500.

Congratulations to our Quantum Game winner – the creator of Schrodinger’s Cat Burglar Martin Binfield-James – and our runner-up – Owen Peries and Iona Murray and their game Slime Cat.

Quantum Games called for games that explored quantum principles in September 2019. EQUS received an entertaining and engaging array of submissions.

Watch the videos from the Quantum Games shortlist here.

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