EQuS CI part of Microsoft's quantum computing push

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald over the weekend, EQuS Chief Investigator Professor David Reilly has been hired by Microsoft as part of its quantum computing push

CI Reilly from the University of Sydney leads the Sydney group of Station Q, on of eight sites Microsoft has established in pursuit of a workable quantum computer. His team focuses on the interface between quantum and classical technology. 

Reilly told the Sydney Morning Herald that, "Quantum science is at the stage where we are moving from isolated systems to actual machines."

He said Sydney Uni's $150 million investment to build the Sydney Nanoscience Hub has meant it is possible to do the sort of quantum research needed in Australia. The federal government provided $40 million for the building, opened in March 2016.

"Things are getting exciting," Reilly said. "We are at the stage of building here in Australia. We are ramping up and hiring."

His team based at Sydney Uni is expecting to hire 20 quantum engineers in the next six months.

Read more on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

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