During 2014, the Quantum Materials and Applications group set up a home-built state-of-the-art CO-laser machining and imaging facility at Macquarie University for the fabrication of curved mirror substrates at the end of optical fibres. The mirror substrates are formed through ablation and melting by shooting a laser pulse at the end of an optical fibre. The system incorporates an optical profilometer which allows us in-situ characterisation of the fabricated structures. Once coated by an external contractor, the fibre mirrors are used for our fibre-cavity experiments at the Lindfield Laboratory.

We have demonstrated the fabrication of a very small curvature radii necessary to achieve strong mode confinement which will give access to strong coupling effects and single-photon non-linearities with solid state emitters. 

Last updated 9 October 2015
Last reviewed 7 July 2015

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