Australia-Singapore Joint Quantum Computing and Technology Foresight Meeting

Bringing together quantum experts from Australia and Singapore 

Australia-Singapore Joint Quantum Computing and Technology Foresight Meeting will be held at the Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough, Western Australia on Sunday, December 9.

The effort to develop quantum science and technology for use by society is rapidly progressing, both globally and nationally. Efforts towards the development of quantum computer technology, towards quantum assisted precision sensors, towards quantum assisted simulators, towards quantum cryptography and a quantum internet – linking up quantum devices both nationally and internationally, is the focus of much research throughout the world.

With the region both Australia and Singapore have made significant investments in quantum science and related disciplines, over the past two decades, with numerous projects, both small and large, towards coaxing the quantum world into giving up its secrets and engineering it to perform amazing tasks.

In December 2018 we will hold a small meeting, bringing together representative experts in quantum science and technology from both Australia and Singapore, to present their latest research, and to have discussions on possible future joint bilateral initiatives.

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Important Dates
  • Deadline to register and submit poster title and abstract: August 1 2018
  • Applicants will be notified by September 1 2018
  • Programme available by October 1 2018
More Information

For more information contact Professor Jason Twamley, ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems

Meeting Venue

The meeting will be held in Rendevouz Hotel in Scarborough. Hotel rooms can be booked at a special rate to accepted applicants of this meeting. Parking available on site.

Deluxe Ocean View room rates for delegates: Twin share is $175 per night and king room $152 per night (inclusive of breakfast and barista coffee). Advise the venue that you are part of the EQUS workshop when booking.

Organising Committee
  • Professor Jason Twamley, Macquarie University, Sydney and EQUS
  • Professor Artur Ekert, National University of Singapore, and CQT Singapore
  • Professor Matthew Davis, University of Queensland, and FLEET
  • Professor Zhengfeng Ji,  University of Technology Sydney, and CQSI
  • Professor Jared Cole, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and EXCITON
  • Professor Andrew Greentree, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and CNBP
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