EQUS Summer School 2020

The EQUS Summer School is an annual event that brings PhD and Masters students from all EQUS nodes together for professional development and to learn about cutting-edge quantum science research.

The dates for the Summer School are November 30 to December 1. Interstate attendees will be provided with accommodation on November 29. 

The school will run before the EQUS Annual Workshop. Please check your email for more details.

Our Centre code of conduct is available here.

Essential information: 


A group reservation will be made for all EQUS staff and students. EQUS will cover the cost of your room and daily buffet breakfast. Rooms will be allocated once registration closes. Postdocs and students will share.

Partners and families are welcome; you will be responsible for any additional accommodation costs. Please contact EQUS (ea@equs.org) for further information and booking procedures.

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Major funding support

Australian Research Council