EQUS Seminar Series: Simon Evered

EQUS Seminar Series

Speaker: Simon Evered, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Title: Neutral atom quantum computing and error correction

Date: Tuesday 09th April

Bio: Simon Evered is an experimental physics PhD student at Harvard University in the research group of Professor Misha Lukin and a NDSEG Fellow. His research focuses on developing quantum computing based on neutral atom arrays, as well as exploring novel quantum simulation approaches using atom arrays. Simon previously was a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics where he worked on a quantum gas microscope experiment in the research group of Professor Immanuel Bloch. During his undergraduate degree at Stanford University, he worked on controlling neutral atoms in optical cavities with Professor Monika Schleier-Smith.

Abstract: Suppressing errors is the central challenge for useful quantum computing, with quantum error correction (QEC) required for large-scale processing. However, the overhead in the realization of error-corrected ‘logical’ qubits, in which information is encoded across many physical qubits for redundancy, poses substantial challenges to large-scale quantum computing. In this talk, I will describe our approach to quantum computing and error correction using reconfigurable arrays of neutral atoms. Our system combines hundreds of atomic qubits with high two-qubit gate fidelities, arbitrary connectivity, fully programmable qubit rotations, and midcircuit readout and feedforward. With this architecture, we demonstrate improvement of a two-qubit logic gate by scaling surface-code distance from d = 3 to d = 7, fault-tolerant creation of logical Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger (GHZ) states, as well as operation of 40 color-code qubits. Finally, using 3D [8,3,2] code blocks, we realize computationally complex sampling circuits with up to 48 logical qubits and hundreds of logical entangling gates. Finally, I will briefly highlight some ongoing work exploring novel quantum simulation approaches in our system. 


High-fidelity parallel entangling gates on a neutral-atom quantum computer | Nature

Logical quantum processor based on reconfigurable atom arrays | Nature

Major funding support

Australian Research Council

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