EQUS Seminar Series: Jason Twamley

Title: Controlling quantum machines using magnetic forces

Abstract: To avoid decoherence researchers trap atoms, ions and particles in vacuum using a variety of techniques, either using optical, electrodynamic or magnetic traps. In this talk we will focus on the latter and describe a variety of tasks where magnetic quantum forces can be super handy. We experimentally show how to magnetically trap large objects and how to control the eddy damping associated with such traps, we show theory on how to use magnetic forces to spin up particles to ultra-high rotational speeds and how to make ultra-large quantum superpositions (Schrodinger cats), using magnetic forces. Magnetic noise can also be problematic for qubits in solids, and we describe a type of error suppression technique where the quantum systems automatically correct themselves in the presence of such phase noise.

Bio: Professor Jason Twamley is a researcher in the theoretical physics of quantum science and technology with a particular emphasis on hybrid quantum systems – systems where one marries together different types of quantum systems to achieve an overall functionality which no one subsystem possesses. Professor Twamley originally trained as a lecturer in Ireland and in 2005, he accepted a call as the Professor of Quantum Information Science at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.  He took part in the national efforts there to develop quantum computation and quantum technologies in the Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence in Quantum Computer Technology (CQCT), and Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS). During that period he developed expertise in superconducting diamond, nanomechanical, magnetic and atomic quantum technologies. His particular focus is on developing quantum sensors where quantum effects can provide society with more precise and functional sensors for use in a variety of settings, examples being magnetometers and inertial sensors. He conceived of a new field of quantum technology: quantum magneto-mechanics where one uses magnetic fields for levitating and trapping quantum objects. He currently is the director of the Quantum Machines Unit at the Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan, which performs research (both theoretical and experimental), on the development of hybrid quantum machines for sensing, communication and computing.

PhD in Quantum Cosmology, Supervisor Prof Don Page, University of Alberta, Canada (1991).
BA(mod) in Theoretical Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (1986)

Email: jason.twamley@oist.jp

Website: https://groups.oist.jp/qmech

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Major funding support

Australian Research Council

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