EQUS Quantum Art Competition 2022

Voting for the People's Choice Prize will now open on 19 June 2023 and close on 7 July 2023.

2022 Quantum Art Competition winners announced!

Applications have now closed or our Quantum Art competition.

Quantum Art is back for another year, this time on the theme of Emergence.

Quantum physics tells us that our world, at the fundamental level, is alien to our intuitive reality in many ways. 

The world with which we are familiar is governed by the rules of classical physics.  These rules allow us to predict precisely the behaviour of large objects like grains of sand, soccer balls, and even planets.

But on very small scales (such as the scales of electrons, photons and atoms) the Universe obeys different rules—the rules of quantum physics.  In the quantum regime, the world is inherently fuzzy and probabilistic. There are many phenomena (such as superposition and entanglement) that challenge our classical intuitions.

Somewhere between these two scales, our intuitive world emerges from the strange quantum world. We know that the underlying physics is quantum, but it appears classical at large scales. Exactly how this happens is one of the biggest mysteries of modern physics.

Put another way: emergence is a phenomenon whereby the apparent behaviour of a system on a large scale appears vastly different from the true, underlying nature on a small scale.

We invite artists to explore the theme of Emergence through their medium of choice, and submit their art to the EQUS Quantum Art Competition.

We’ll be awarding three prizes:

  • $3,000 for first place
  • $1,500 for second place
  • $500 for the people’s choice award

At the discretion of the organisers, there may be an exhibition of the Quantum Art Competition finalists on conclusion of the competition.  In such case, the organisers will be in contact with the competition finalists to discuss this possibility further.

The artwork must have been created specifically for the 2022 EQUS Quantum Art competition.  By entering, you agree to grant EQUS non-exclusive rights to use your entry, with appropriate credit, for promotional purposes.

The deadline for submission has been extended to 12 pm AEST Saturday 14 January 2023 (previously 12 pm AEST Monday 5 December 2022).

Please read the full Terms and Conditions before entering, and for the updated competition timeline.

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