The Diamond Nanoscience Laboratory

The Diamond Nanoscience Laboratory  is based at Macquarie University and is part of the Quantum Materials & Applications Group  (QMAPP) led by Dr. Thomas Volz. The lab engineers next-generation diamond nanotechnologies for applications in quatum information, ultra-high resolution sensing and biomedical applications.

A major research direction of the lab is the use of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) spins for magnetic sensing, spin physics and quantum photonics. The lab also works with other colour centres, including the silicon-vacancy (SiV) centre and the germanium-vacancy (GeV) centre. The Diamond Nanoscience team uses home-built confocal microscopes, both at room and helium temperatures, in combination with an atomic force microscope (AFM), laser sources and microwave equipment to analyse the optical, physical, and spin properties of the nanodiamonds, down to few-nm size. Our cutting-edge setups have enabled important studies on the fluorescence properties of nanodiamonds, including blinking, cooperative forces and superradiance.

Last updated 7 November 2017
Last reviewed 7 July 2015

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