The Diamond Nanoscience Laboratory is based at Macquarie University and is part of the Quantum Materials and Applications Group (QMAPP) led by Dr Thomas Volz. The research on nano-diamonds lies at the interface of quantum physics, nanotechnology and material science.

A major research direction in the diamond lab is the use of NV-centre spins for magnetic sensing in biological and low-temperature condensed-matter systems. In addition, the potential of colour centres in diamond for building efficient light-matter interfaces for carrying out quantum-photonics experiments is explored. The diamond laboratory uses a confocal microscope setup combined with an atomic force microscope (AFM) to perform simultaneous analysis of optical properties and size of nano-diamonds. This setup has allowed important studies on fluorescence properties of nanodiamonds over a large range of particle sizes down to the few-nm scale in the past.

During the past year, new capabilities have been added to the nanodiamond laboratory. The laboratory now houses a closed-cycle cryostat from Montana Instruments for building a low-temperature confocal setup combined with low-temperature AFM capabilities. Besides performing low-temperature spectroscopy on colour centres in diamond, this will also allow the group to build a setup for low-temperature magnetic sensing with diamond.

Last updated 24 August 2015
Last reviewed 7 July 2015

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