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Darmawan AS, Brennen G, Bartlett SD.  2012.  Measurement-based quantum computation in a two-dimensional phase of matter. New Journal of Physics. 14(1):013023.
Wallman J, Bartlett SD.  2012.  Non-negative subtheories and quasiprobability representations of qubits . Physical Review A. 85(6)
Sergeevich A, Bartlett SD.  2012.  Optimizing qubit Hamiltonian parameter estimation algorithm using PSO. 2012 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)2012 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation. :1-3.
Else DV, Bartlett SD, Doherty AC.  2012.  Symmetry protection of measurement-based quantum computation in ground states. New Journal of Physics. 14(11):113016.
Else DV, Schwarz I, Bartlett SD, Doherty AC.  2012.  Symmetry-Protected Phases for Measurement-Based Quantum Computation. Physical Review Letters. 108(24)


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