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Halimeh JC, Kolley F, McCulloch IP.  2015.  Chebyshev matrix product state approach for time evolution. Physical Review B. 92(11)
Phien H, McCulloch IP, Vidal G.  2015.  Fast convergence of imaginary time evolution tensor network algorithms by recycling the environment. Physical Review B. 91(11)
F. Wolf A, Go A, McCulloch IP, Millis AJ, Schollwöck U.  2015.  Imaginary-Time Matrix Product State Impurity Solver for Dynamical Mean-Field Theory. Physical Review X. 5(4)
Balzer K, F. Wolf A, McCulloch IP, Werner P, Eckstein M.  2015.  Nonthermal Melting of Néel Order in the Hubbard Model. Physical Review X. 5(3)
Saadatmand S.N, Powell B.J, McCulloch IP.  2015.  Phase diagram of the . Physical Review B. 91(24)
Kolley F., Depenbrock S., McCulloch IP, Schollwöck U., Alba V..  2015.  Phase diagram of the . Physical Review B. 91(10)
Chen P, Xue Z-L, McCulloch IP, Chung M-C, Huang C-C, Yip S.-K..  2015.  Quantum Critical Spin-2 Chain with Emergent SU(3) Symmetry. Physical Review Letters. 114(14)
F. Wolf A, Justiniano JA, McCulloch IP, Schollwöck U.  2015.  Spectral functions and time evolution from the Chebyshev recursion. Physical Review B. 91(11)
Greschner S., Piraud M., Heidrich-Meisner F., McCulloch IP, Schollwöck U., Vekua T..  2015.  Spontaneous Increase of Magnetic Flux and Chiral-Current Reversal in Bosonic Ladders: Swimming against the Tide. Physical Review Letters. 115(19)
Hubig C., McCulloch IP, Schollwöck U., Wolf F.A.  2015.  Strictly single-site DMRG algorithm with subspace expansion. Physical Review B. 91(15)
Piraud M., Heidrich-Meisner F., McCulloch IP, Greschner S., Vekua T., Schollwöck U..  2015.  Vortex and Meissner phases of strongly interacting bosons on a two-leg ladder. Physical Review B. 91(14)


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