Reece is a postgraduate student at Macquarie University currently undertaking a PhD with Associate Professor Gabriel Molina-Terriza.

His project combines research on manipulating optical defects in nanoparticles and cold-atom trapping with trapping and levitation of nanoparticles in order to study the influence of embedded optical defects ("artificial atoms") on the motion of the crystal as a whole for near-resonant trapping lasers.

Reece’s ultimate goal is twofold: on the one hand, he wants to design novel optical tweezers with enhanced optical forces for manipulating ultra-small nano diamonds in liquid, and on the other hand, he aims to exploit the optical forces from the NV centres to cool the centre-of-mass motion of a levitated nano diamond as a whole.

MSc (Physics)
BSc (Photonics & Mathematics)
Research Facilities: 

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