Natalie Jagals is the Node Administrator for EQuS and an Administrative Officer with the School of Physics at the University of Western Australia.

Natalie joined EQuS at the University of Western Australia in March 2015. Her position serves as UWA’s administrative link between EQuS nodes, the link between the University of Western Australia and EQuS, as well as partner research institutions worldwide. 

As Administrative Officer with the School of Physics, as well as the Research Outreach Programmes coordinator within the School of Physics, Natalie coordinates a number of programmes in which the EQuS Group participates in on a large scale. These unique outreach programmes are run with Institutions in China, Japan and Singapore where the students spend a week at UWA, embedded in a Research Group. The UWA EQuS node's participation is essential exposure for the group, that may very well lead to potential future collaborations.

Nat also oversees the operations, administration and financial management for the EQuS research group at UWA.

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