Jacqui is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Queensland. She works in the Quantum Technology Lab. 

Her research focuses on one of the defining features of quantum mechanics - that is, quantum mechanics is causally unordered and yet the ubqiuitous circuit model of quantum information is intrinsically causally ordered. Researchers extend quantum information to account for causal unordering and explore different causal structures experimentally. Jacqui will investigate its implications on the philosophy of causation and the new possibilities opened for quantum information processing. 

Jacqui believes that an experimental demonstration of statistical quantum correlations indicating previously unknown causal relations would have a huge impact on physics and philosophy. She also hopes to establish new quantum control protocols and quantum information processing schemes beyond current circuit models to pave the way for a new class of quantum technologies. 

PhD Physics, University of Glasgow (2013)
MSc Physics, University of the Philippines (2007)
BSc Applied Physics, University of the Philippines (2005)
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Current Supervision

Doctor Philosophy - Associate Advisor

Other advisors: (principal)

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