Dr Ian McCulloch leads the Tensor Network Algorithms group that works in computational tensor network algorithms for one- and two-dimensional quantum systems, and applications to condensed matter, ultra-cold atomic gases and engineered quantum systems. 

Dr McCulloch's research interests are numerical techniques for simulating quantum many-body systems,and he is the author of a large suite of software tools that are used by several research groups around the world.

Major funding support

2011-2017 Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS).

2015-2019 ARC Future Fellowship - Simulating quantum states of matter: Connecting theory to applications in science and technology.

2014-2015 UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure - Advanced Superfluid Physics Facility.

Mentoring and research training

If you are interested in working or studying with Dr McCulloch, please contact him.

PhD, Australian National University, Australia
BSc, University of Tasmania, Australia
Current Supervision

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

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Major funding support

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