Associate Professor Tom Stace completed his PhD at the Cavendish Lab, University of Cambridge in the UK on quantum computing, followed by postdoctoral research at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, also at Cambridge. During this time he was a fellow at Queens' College. He has been a researcher at the University of Queensland since 2006, firstly on an ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, then on an ARC Research Fellowship, and was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship in 2014.

His research has largely focused on applying methods from quantum optics to solid state devices for use in quantum information applications, and more recently on error correction protocols. He also works on high precision measurement in collaboration with experimental colleagues at UWA, in a project whose ultimate aim is to contribute to the international definition of Boltzmann's constant, and some biophysics.

Associate Professor Stace also consults for UniQuest, UQ's commercial arm, on scientific and technical matters.

Major funding support

2011-2017 Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS).

2015-2019 ARC Future Fellowship - Quantum-assisted sensing.

2014-2015 UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure - Advanced Superfluid Physics Facility.

2012-2015 National Institute of Standards and Technology - Thermonetry: A double shot-noise limit.

2010-2012 UQ Early Career Reseacher - Autonomous aerial vehicles for control of bird pests in horticulture.

2009-2014 ARC Discovery Project - Modelling superconducting quantum devices.

2006-2009 ARC Discovery Project - Decoherence and quantum simulations of spin environment systems.

Mentoring and research training

Associate Professor Stace is currently looking for a PhD student. The successful PhD candidate will undertake cutting edge theoretical research in quantum technologies, with the potential to engage closely with experimental groups. The candidate will work closely with Associate Professor Stace at UQ, and will gain exposure to other nodes within EQuS. The base stipend will be at the rate of AUD $25,849 per annum (2015 rate) tax-free for three years with the possibility of a six month extension in approved circumstances.For more information, please view the job listing here

If you are interested in working and studying with Associate Professor Stace, please contact him. 

PhD,University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (2004)
BSc, University of Western Australia, Australia (2000)
BEng, University of Western Australia, Australia (2000)
Controlling electron spin in semiconductor quantum devices 

Grand challenge: Realise new and otherwise inaccessible regimes of physics through the construction of hybrid quantum systems. 

Single electrons individually trapped and manipulated in semiconductors are one of the most promising avenues for engineered quantum systems. This project investigates the ways in which the magnetic moment, or spin, of these electrons can be controlled, either electrically or through applying microwaves, and how acoustic vibrations, or phonons, affect this control. These results highlight the role of the phononic environment in understanding the driven dynamics of coherent quantum systems and provide a path for transducing quantum information between photons, phonons, spins and charge. The work is a strong collaboration between theorists CI Tom Stace (UQ) and CI Andrew Doherty (Sydney) and the experimental team of CI Reilly’s laboratory (Sydney). This work has been published in Nature Communications.

Current Supervision

Doctor Philosophy - Associate Advisor

Other advisors: (principal)

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

Doctor Philosophy - Principal Advisor

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Major funding support

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