Centre Governance

The Centre Director is responsible for scientific leadership and strategic direction. The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for the operational management of the Centre. The Management Committee is comprised of the Director, the Chief Operations Officer, and the four Node Managers. This Committee is responsible for the Centre's goals, policies, and performance indicators. The progress, future directions and outreach activities of the Centre are reviewed by an international Scientific Advisory Committee comprised of eminent scholars in Quantum science, and by an Advisory Board with representatives from academia and key community/advocacy organisations.

The Centre's organisational structure can be viewed here

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee will advise the Centre Director on the strategic direction of current and future scientific programs to ensure that these are of the highest quality. It will be comprised of eminent researchers from the US, the UK and elsewhere, and will meet once a year at an annual conference. The board will evaluate the Centre's progress by reviewing annual reports and offering advice on areas for improvement and new research directions.

Advisory Board

The advisory board will consist of up 13 members, including an eminent Chair. It will meet face-to-face bi-annually and via teleconference as needed. The Board will create linkages with relevant associations and practitioners, and will provide direction on public relations strategies, communications, and translation of knowledge into outcomes. Membership will consist of representatives of each Partner Institution and influential people from business and government sectors.

The Board includes five external members. They are:

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