EQuS is a multi-institutional collaborative Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence. We are working to study and exploit the strangest features of quantum physics.

Quantum Measurement & Control

Address challenges in quantum limited measurement and control enabling demonstrations of solutions to control engineering problems in each technology platform.

Quantum-Enabled Sensors & Metrology

Delivers unprecendented levels of sensitivity and precision in application of quantum systems for sensing, biomedical imaging, and metrology.

Synthetic Quantum Systems & Quantum Simulation

Produces novel states of light and matter exhibiting strong quantum mechanical correlations that enable simulations of complex interacting quantum systems.

Tiny tweezers made from bowtie of light

Monday, 3 March, 2014

Tiny tweezers made from bowtie of light

Researchers have built the world's smallest tweezers, capable of picking up a single virus or molecule as the introductory sentence.

UQ team challenges the limits of famous quantum principle

Wednesday, 5 February, 2014

UQ team challenges the limits of famous quantum principle.

Physicists from The University of Queensland are challenging the very limits of Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle by measuring quantum particles with unprecedented accuracy.

Australian Innovation Challenge 2013 Finalist

Thursday, 28 November, 2013

QUANTUM firmware: Enabling the quantum computing revolution.

UNIVERSITY of Sydney physicist Michael Biercuk and his team are on to something big - technology that could help spark the quantum computer revolution.

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