EQuS is a multi-institutional collaborative Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence. We are working to study and exploit the strangest features of quantum physics.

Quantum Measurement & Control

Address challenges in quantum limited measurement and control enabling demonstrations of solutions to control engineering problems in each technology platform.

Quantum-Enabled Sensors & Metrology

Delivers unprecendented levels of sensitivity and precision in application of quantum systems for sensing, biomedical imaging, and metrology.

Synthetic Quantum Systems & Quantum Simulation

Produces novel states of light and matter exhibiting strong quantum mechanical correlations that enable simulations of complex interacting quantum systems.

Register for the EQuS Winter School

The EQuS Winter School provides graduate students with an understanding of quantum physics and the interdisciplinary nature of the research being undertaken by EQuS. In 2015, the Winter School will run from Tuesday, 30 June to Friday, 3 July at the Women’s College, within the University of Queensland. The school will cover topics on quantum information processing, open quantum systems and decoherence, cold atoms and superconducting quantum circuits.

Staff Profile

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